Authentic Colombian Restaurant in Coral Gables

Discover traditional, home-made Colombian cuisine at BARISTA CAFE.

Our menu features a wide selection of sandwiches, wraps, and other typical Colombian dishes.

Your Local Colombian Restaurant

Located in Coral Gables, Miami, BARISTA CAFE is a restaurant specialized in Colombian cuisine. We are open for breakfast and lunch and you can order out for dinner. We have a wide selection of traditional Colombian dishes and our chef will be more than happy to prepare a dish that does not feature on our menu.

Visit us for a quick bite before work or for a several course lunch to discover our cuisine.

“We have a wide selection of traditional Colombian dishes”

Colombian Restaurant  Coral Gables

Cozy Restaurant and Rapid Service

 Colombian Restaurant Kendall

The staff of BARISTA CAFE are all from the same family and dedicated to upholding their traditional values. They reserve you a warm welcome in our cozy, comfortable restaurant and will strive to make you feel at ease while you embark on a great culinary experience.

We treat all our customers as part of our own family. Come and try our traditional Colombian pastries with our authentic Colombian coffee.

“Our friendly team reserves a warm welcome for our customers”

Customer Benefits:

  • Authentic Colombian food
  • Local delivery available
  • Ideally located and easily accessible
  • Our chefs are more than happy to cook a dish not featuring on our menu

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